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Jumpstart the Journey: Live Cohort

Your Child's Future Awaits

Are you watching precious time tick by as you navigate the maze of developmental delays, referrals, assessment, and treatment waitlists?

You're not alone.

Thousands of parents just like you are searching for a beacon of hope—a way to kickstart their child's development and seize the critical window of brain plasticity.

Welcome to the Jumpstart the Journey Live Cohort, the groundbreaking program designed to transform your child's social connection and set them on a path to thriving.

Now, you get to go through it live with course creator, Board Certified Behavior Analyst Carrie Susa Woodward, who has spent the last 20+ years helping families just like yours.

Transforming Futures with Jumpstart the Journey

WATCH NOW: Dive into an in-depth introduction to Jumpstart the Journey, where I highlight the pivotal role early intervention plays in harnessing your child's peak brain plasticity.

Discover through real-life insights how this course offers not just hope, but actionable steps to ignite your child's social awareness and communication skills.

This video is your first step towards a brighter, more connected future for your child.

The Advantage of the Live Cohort

Weekly Connection

Every exercise, every strategy, brought to life

Tailored Feedback

Your child’s progress, under a professional eye

Community Strength

Shared experiences, multiplied understanding.

Real Stories, Real Progress

Turn Waiting into Winning

This is more than just a course—it's a lifeline for your child's future. With the Jumpstart the Journey Live Cohort, you're not just passing time; you're actively paving the way for your child's success.

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