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Become An Empowered Parent

We understand the urgency and importance of early intervention in your child's developmental journey. As a concerned parent, you've taken the first step towards unlocking your child's potential. Autism Jumpstart is here to give you the tools necessary to take charge of your child's future.

Meet Carrie Woodward, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst behind Autism Jumpstart, dedicated to helping parents become empowered. You no longer need to helplessly wait for your child to make it off of the waitlists.

In the journey of parenting a child with autism, waiting is not an option. Every moment counts, and every delay is a missed opportunity

Connection Through Play

Your child will begin to learn more naturally when they begin to connect more with others.

When children tune into their social environment, they pick up the learning that is happening there.

YOU can learn to play in ways that will improve your child's social motivation and enhance learning.

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Open Doors to Communication

The road to communication can be windy and full of bumps.

Take charge by learning how to shift the way you engage with your child to promote their language!

As you help to guide your child down this road, you'll see frustration melt away and confidence grow.

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Family Harmony Achieved

Enhancing social connection and language development doesn't just benefit your child – it transforms your entire family dynamic.

Picture a home filled with understanding, where tantrums and aggression become a thing of the past.

By empowering parents with the tools to nurture their child's communication and social skills, we will guide your family toward a future filled with harmony and joy.

Learning Lifelines: Insights from the Blog

Unveiling the Magic of Early Intervention: Celebrating My Feature in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine

Apr 1, 2024

Unveiling the Magic of Early Intervention: Celebrating My Feature in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine

Join me in exploring a new perspective on autism with my article in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine, where I unpack the transformative potential of early intervention. This isn't just a share of my publication but an invitation to rethink how we engage with and support autistic children through the critical years of learning and development.
Reflecting on My Conversation with

Feb 16, 2024

Reflecting on My Conversation with "Autism Weekly": The Heart of Early Intervention

Discover the transformative power of early autism intervention with my recent feature on 'Autism Weekly' podcast. Dive into an enlightening conversation where I share insights on affordable strategies that pave the way for your child's success. Learn how 'Jumpstart the Journey' empowers parents with actionable tools during the pivotal early years. Embrace the opportunity to make every moment count for your child's development.

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