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Jumpstart the Journey - Full Course

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"Jumpstart the Journey" is your guidepost in the challenging time leading up to, or immediately following your toddler's autism diagnosis. Led by Carrie S. Woodward, M.S., B.C.B.A., a behavioral expert with over 20 years of experience, the course gives you practical early intervention strategies backed by solid science and a deep understanding of autism. Jumpstart the Journey is much more than a crash course; it's your comprehensive guide to actionable tools that improve your autistic child's social connection and communication.  This course is designed to be most beneficial for parents and caregivers whose children are developmentally delayed, undergoing diagnostic assessment, or have newly received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Unlock Potential: Course Preview

Explore key strategies from 'Jumpstart the Journey' in action. This preview showcases practical exercises that effortlessly blend into your daily routine, enhancing your child's social and communication abilities. Watch and see how simple steps can lead to significant strides.

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