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Reflecting on My Conversation with

Reflecting on My Conversation with "Autism Weekly": The Heart of Early Intervention

I recently had an enriching opportunity to discuss the heart and science behind early intervention strategies on the "Autism Weekly" podcast, hosted by Jeff Skibitsky. This conversation comes at a crucial time, as parents navigate the complexities of early intervention, facing overwhelming waitlists and significant financial demands.

Making Early Intervention Affordable

As parents, you're often presented with staggering figures that can make crucial early interventions seem out of reach. Some programs run upwards of $25,000 per week, putting a strain on the hope for progress. This is why "Jumpstart the Journey" offers a more accessible path at $400, embracing the philosophy that effective early intervention should be within every family's reach.

From Passion to Purpose: My Autism Advocacy Story

Sharing my journey, which began at Pepperdine University in 2002, I revealed how a personal and professional passion for helping autistic children flourished into the creation of Autism Jumpstart. The podcast allowed me to narrate how I turned challenges into stepping stones, aiming to empower families during the critical waiting periods for professional help.

The Birth of 'Jumpstart the Journey': Revolutionizing Early Autism Support

On the podcast, we delved into the genesis of "Jumpstart the Journey." I discussed the pivotal moments when I realized how instrumental early intervention is, especially for children between the ages of 0-4. With the course, I wanted to craft an accessible tool for parents to foster social connection and communication skills in their children, tapping into the invaluable period of peak brain plasticity.

Empowering Every Child: Our Quest for Accessible Autism Support

Autism Jumpstart is anchored in the belief that every child deserves the chance to thrive. The podcast was a platform to advocate for affordable and impactful early interventions. We tackled the dichotomy between high-cost programs and our mission to democratize early intervention tools.

Transformative Strategies for Home-Based Autism Education

Through the course and my teachings, I aim to guide parents on how to integrate intervention strategies into daily play and interactions, turning routine moments into opportunities for growth and connection. This approach empowers parents to take proactive steps in their child's development journey from the comfort of their homes.

Embarking on 'Jumpstart the Journey': A Call to Action for Parents

After listening to the podcast episode, which you can find embedded above, I invite you to explore the "Jumpstart the Journey" course further. It's designed for parents like you, who are ready to embrace early intervention strategies to aid in your child's development.

Join Our Movement: Pioneering Early Autism Intervention Together

I understand the value of early intervention and the impact it can have on your child's life trajectory. If you're ready to take that step, join our community, sign up for our email list for more insights, or take the leap and embark on the "Jumpstart the Journey" course today.

My commitment at Autism Jumpstart is unwavering—I am here to support, guide, and walk with you on this transformative journey. Together, we can unlock the full potential of early intervention.

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