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Bedtime and Sleep Solutions

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This digital video course is going to completely change the way your child approaches sleep.  This course will expertly guide you through the steps necessary to achieve the following:

• Faster/smoother bedtime routine

• Your child staying in bed all night until a reasonable time in the morning

• Your child falling asleep without you in the room

• Your child sleeping on their own in their own bed

Research tells us that children that get good quality sleep have improved executive functioning including memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility.

Bonus, when your child sleeps better, so do you!

From Concern to Confidence: Jumpstarting the Journey

If you're facing a recent autism diagnosis, or you're worried about your child's development, you're not alone. I designed Jumpstart the Journey for you, to turn the wait from diagnosis to therapy into productive action. My course gives you immediate, implementable strategies to develop your child's core skills and readiness for professional therapy.

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