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Teaching Emotions to Autistic Children Using Hierarchical Framework (1 BCBA Learning CEU)

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Facial Recognition and Emotional Understanding Dive deep with BCBA Carrie Woodward into the intricate world of facial recognition and emotional understanding in autism. Discover the reasons behind these challenges, backed by solid research, and explore a proven hierarchy of teaching methods to enhance these crucial skills. Join the conversation and gain valuable insights into clinical practices that foster skill acquisition and real-life application. This video isn't just a discussion; it's a pathway to understanding, with the bonus of earning 1 BCBA Learning CEU for your professional growth!

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the environmental variables responsible for lower facial recognition in autistic people

2) Translate traditional psychological explanations (e.g., poor holistic facial processing) into behavior analytic terminology

3) Learn the Hierarchical Facial Processing Model as described by Xu & Tanaka (2014)

4) Convert the research into practical application strategies for enhancing facial expression awareness and emotional identification.

From Concern to Confidence: Jumpstarting the Journey

If you're facing a recent autism diagnosis, or you're worried about your child's development, you're not alone. I designed Jumpstart the Journey for you, to turn the wait from diagnosis to therapy into productive action. My course gives you immediate, implementable strategies to develop your child's core skills and readiness for professional therapy.

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