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Developmental Milestones & Signs of Autism

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This invaluable resource is designed to aid parents and caregivers in identifying early signs of autism through a child's developmental milestones. 

  • Empower Early Detection: Learn key developmental milestones from 2 to 18 months.
  • Spot Autism Signs Early: Identify critical signs that may indicate autism.
  • Take Proactive Steps: Effectively utilize the period between noticing signs and diagnosis.
  • Connect to 'Jumpstart the Journey': Seamlessly transition to our comprehensive course for immediate strategies.
  • Download Now: Start your proactive journey towards early autism detection and intervention today.
From Concern to Confidence: Jumpstarting the Journey

If you're facing a recent autism diagnosis, or you're worried about your child's development, you're not alone. I designed Jumpstart the Journey for you, to turn the wait from diagnosis to therapy into productive action. My course gives you immediate, implementable strategies to develop your child's core skills and readiness for professional therapy.

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